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United States
Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite style of art: Clean illustration.
Wallpaper of choice: Mnuh?
Favourite cartoon character: The Monarch
Personal Quote: "We live long and are celebrated poopers."
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First up, there was a blood drive last Friday. Thanks to Rachel for donating, Zigong ( for trying to donate (...moo?) and Cassandra and Lislo( for cheering us on.

Not much going on. I don't have to do a portfolio for next semester, which makes me very happy. It also makes me kind of an ass to be around at school ;) and I apologize for this profusely.

I make it up to all of you with a commercial from Thailand. Wonderful.…
I have nothing more to say to you people.


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lined-paper Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2007
"Because of prior experience with meat that had been laced with a mild poison, this coyote does not obey its natural instincts and ignores what otherwise would be a tasty meal."

lol! Psychology is jokes!! XD
Oh god. I now fear that someone is going to taint all my meat with a mild poison. I'll never be able to eat carcas again!
lined-paper Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2007
And them carcases sure are tastey! :D
Robotess Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2006
Thanks so much for the fave! i love your name XDDDDD
No prob! I love how whimsical your stuff is, so I'm gonna watch you for more faves to mark out. Be warned :D

And yes, I'm very happy with my name... ;)
Lislocat Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2006  Professional Filmographer
AAAAAAAAAAAmerica, Aaaaaaaaaaamerica, la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


I could make it on the radio...


You shut up...


Holy crap! When did this message get posted? I didn't even get a notification! America demands NOTIFICATION!

On more normal note, how's the vacation comin' along, Poobit?

Also: Your face IS a shut up!
Lislocat Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006  Professional Filmographer
Lol you don't get notification when posting on someones front page for the first time, only replies :P You silly silly P-merica.

Uhm vacation is still going along crappy, sick and the vomit and the teeth out and yea... Hopefully it ends soon :l I cant wait to get back to school lol.

How's your vacation?
What? This is unacceptable. 'Merica demands all noifications, ALL THE TIME! *shakes fist*

:/ Poor Peanut. I'm working on a chocolate cheesecake recepie. so make sure you're good and ready for it...


Meh. Going okay so far. Trying to get some work done on the portfolio, but my face is so lazy...
zigong Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006

they're warm!
and soft!
and ....oh god... i should be poked in the eye with a really hot french fry for saying that.
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