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  • Watching: Futurama - The Problem with Popplers
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First up, there was a blood drive last Friday. Thanks to Rachel for donating, Zigong ( for trying to donate (...moo?) and Cassandra and Lislo( for cheering us on.

Not much going on. I don't have to do a portfolio for next semester, which makes me very happy. It also makes me kind of an ass to be around at school ;) and I apologize for this profusely.

I make it up to all of you with a commercial from Thailand. Wonderful.…
I have nothing more to say to you people.
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  • Eating: Nanner bread cookies. Mmm...
  • Drinking: Did I mention the Diet Coke?
Just posting a few quick sketches I did, just for something to do. And I use the term 'quick' fairly loosely. I'm a slowpoke when it comes to drarin'.

Gosh it feels good having nothing to do... ;)

Portfolio forum is still here, for the rest of yez:

If its any consolation, I was attacked by a cat this weekend. She drew blood and snored in my ear.

I go play volleyball now. You go read nextwave.
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  • Playing: Imaginary Wii... *single tear*
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  • Drinking: Still entirely too much diet coke.
Theres a taxi coming to take me to the airport so I can fly home. At 3AM IN THE MORNING. I am going to be sleepy and cranky, but at least its not going to be long travel time. I </3 red eye flights though.

Anyway, what I really came in here to announce.

Portfolios: My fellow animation Fundies, I know portfolio time is around the corner. I've a forum thats been pretty quiet, so I've set up a board on there where we can post our portfolios and get feed back on them from each other. If you're up for it, get signed up at
Its the very first room. Y'can't miss it.

Alright, i'm off. Happy Christmas, All!
  • Listening to: Shivaree - Thundercats
  • Watching: Fear the cute ones?
  • Playing: Nothing :(
  • Eating: Shushi. Hell Yeeeessssss.
  • Drinking: Entirely too much diet coke.
So. I started this thing up earlier on this year, but for reasons unmentioned abandonded it like so much doorstep baby.

I'm picking it back up though. I'll probably use it as a place to dump all the work from school that I do, so I can keep a record of how much I'm (hopefully) improving, and free up my site for more polished works.

But right now, I'm feeling bored and lazy. I may or may not use the next 5 hours to clear the sidequests of FFXII. Or sleep.


P.S. everytime i look at this cat on, I can't stop laughing. Poor stupid lookin' kitteh...…

Heh heh heh...